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  1. You have doubts that your electrical system needs to be replaced and want a professional inspection. If some small appliances around your house have started getting “accidentally” damaged, if you have experienced “small electrical shocks”, or you notice other indications of electrical problems, then it is high time for you to call a residential electrician and get your wiring inspected. If you fail to do this on time, some of your major appliances like your fridge and laundry machine can get damaged, not to mention that burnt wiring can set your entire property on fire.
  2. You have small kids and want to secure your outlets, light fixtures, and other potentially hazardous objects that may endanger the health of your children. Kids and electricity are not good friends at all. If you have a little “explorer” at home, we recommend you to hire an electrician that can bring and install electric plug outlet covers, cord shorteners, power strip covers, swing shut outlet protectors, etc.
  3. There was a storm that has damaged your electrical system. If your property has been damaged by a storm, you’d better not plug in any of your electrical appliances and even do not turn on the lights before you get a complete electrical inspection after your emergency water damage restoration technicians have done their job. You may have to spend a day without electricity but it will be a much better option than to be electrocuted.
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